From thorough understanding of user and business needs, comes the clarity to fuel great design.

Product Design Done Right

Critical Upfront Work

It’s essential to have clarity around what you’re building, why and for whom. Carefully scope, define, research and ideate.

Adaptive Design Process

One size doesn’t fit all. Knowing the right toolkit, methods and information for each project makes all the difference.

Collaboration is Key

It’s amazingly powerful getting the right people together to collectively work through daily and complex design challenges.

Designing with Soul

Design products with passion. Imitation doesn’t win competitive markets, disruption using deep user and market insights does.

Conditions for Success

Identify and deploy appropriate conditions for UX success: the right culture, vision, processes, toolkit and innovative design approach.

Staying Ahead

Be well versed in emerging design, market, technology and consumer behaviour trends makes for relevant and enduring designs.

Thoughts on Design

Smashing Through Design Ruts and Creative Block

Smashing Through Design Ruts and Creative Block

We all face bouts of creative block from time to time, often placing blame centrally on ourselves. But there’s many external factors contributing to this lack of energy and frame of mind that must be considered for us to be at our creative best. We’ll explore some of common influencing factors.

The Expectation for UX Designers to Code

The Expectation for UX Designers to Code

A recent trend is taking place where organisations and leadership increasingly expect their UX teams to learn and take on front-end coding responsibilities. The suitability and whether this approach best uses their skills and time in contributing value to organisations is questioned.

Dissecting Common Questionnaire Designs

Dissecting Common Questionnaire Designs

When users accept participating in online questionnaires and surveys, they’re whisked away into an oddly sterile alternate dimension. Commonly used designs are dissected to reveal what irks users and contributes to low engagement, abandonment and false result data.

The Great Digital Convergence

The Great Digital Convergence

Our hoarder’s mentality with messaging, social and sharing apps has hope to be cured when The Great Digital Convergence of this mobile world we live in occurs, bringing simplicity to a messy landscape.

The Stepping Stones to Better Screens

The Stepping Stones to Better Screens

The current state of screen technology is examined, proving 4K UHD is merely a minor stepping stone to greater screen resolutions, and bold predictions are made about a coming world without resolution.

Successful UX Client Engagement Practices

Successful UX Client Engagement Practices

A variety of best practices to effectively optimize the success of your next UX client engagement by embedding, educating, engaging, structuring, measuring and creating a dedicated creative space.


ProductTank HCMC – Bringing Life to Digital Products

ProductTank HCMC – Bringing Life to Digital Products

What factors make some digital products feel soulless and desolate, while others feel vibrant, captivating and… alive? We went on an in-depth exploration into the many factors influencing how digital products are felt by users.

UX Vietnam Festival – Designing Your UX Career

UX Vietnam Festival – Designing Your UX Career

When asked to speak at the inaugural UX Vietnam Festival in Ho Chi Minh City; there wasn't even a moment of hesitation to accept such a wonderful opportunity. From January 13th to 14th 2019 the sold out conference of over 200 attendees was across two content packed...


ProductTank HCM – Mastering Image Creation with Midjourney (Vietnam)
FPT Software
– Mastering Image Creation with Generative AI (HCMC, Da Nang, Hanoi campuses)
Design for Tomorrow Conference – Bringing Life to Digital Products (Amsterdam)
Beyond Designing – The Journey to Great Product Design (Vietnam)
Solution Forum – Creating Harmony Between Designers, Developers and Stakeholders (Vietnam)
ConveyUX 2022 – Centralizing and Scaling a Design Competency Unit (USA)
Becoming a Global UX/UI Designer – Design Career Presentation and AMA (Vietnam)
UX India 2021 – Bringing Life to Digital Products (India)
Brave UX – Episode 43: An Interview with Jon Deragon (New Zealand)
Solution Forum – Designing Effective Enterprise Products (Vietnam)
Design Exchange – Episode 28: Feeling Alive in a Borderless World (Vietnam)
General Assembly – East vs. West: Designing The Right User Experience… (Singapore)
Solution Forum – Bringing Life to Digital Products (Vietnam)
ProductTank HCMC – Bringing Life to Digital Products (Vietnam)
UX Vietnam Festival 2018 – Designing Your UX Career (Vietnam)
UX and Psychology Melbourne – Personality Traits for Effective UX (Australia)
CoDE Summit 2017 – Personality Traits for Effective UX (Singapore)
ProductTank – Collaboration in Product Development (Vietnam)
Bourne Digital Lunch n’ Learn – The Power of Usability Testing (Australia)
i-USER 2016 Conference – Just Right Usability Testing & Mall Builder Workshops (Malaysia)
LiveLife Talks – UX Essentials for Business (Indonesia)
Universitas Indonesia – UX Essentials for Business (Indonesia)
Startup Istanbul 2016 Webinar – UX Essentials for Startups (Turkey)
Sharing At Conclave – UX Essentials for Startups (Indonesia)
UX Indonesia – UX Process in Different Industries (Indonesia)
Creative Entrepreneurs Network – Your First Date with UX Workshop (Vietnam)
Web Wednesday Vietnam – UX Presentation and Fireside Talk (Vietnam)
UX Australia 2013 – Winning Proportions and Frictionless Navigation (Australia)


“…an incredibly insightful UX professional with a balanced and mature perspective….”

Linda Burke

UX Delivery Manager, ANZ Bank

“…diligent, thoughtful and above all exceptionally professional in the application of his skills….”

Anand Vasan

Managing Director, Technocrat

“…very strategic in his approach yet very practical which is a difficult skill to master these days…”

Chris Rathborne

Head of Digital, RACV

“Jon Deragon is one of the smartest UX specialist that I’ve come across…”

Carolyn Managh

Brand & Strategy Consultant, M&C Saatchi

“…deep knowledge, experience and passion for user experience perfection…”

Nguyen Quang Khai

Deputy Director of Technology, Adayroi

“Jon is an absolute ROCK STAR UX pro.”

Abraham Davidson

Technology Director, Buzz Products