Maxime Ouellette

Conversion Rate Optimization
In Marketing We Trust

“It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Jon.

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Jon while at IMWT and it was one of the most rewarding experiences. Jon is one of those rare UX who leaves his ego out of the door and focuses purely on delivering the best possible user experience.

His passion and energy are contagious and his ability to think creatively and out of the box is admirable. He stays on top of the latest trends and developments in the field, and strives to continuously iterate and innovate.

I can honestly say he is one of the best UX professionals I have encountered. I hope our paths will cross in the future.”

Gabriella Wong

Data and Digital Marketing Analyst
In Marketing We Trust

“It has been a great pleasure working with Jon. Jon is extremely meticulous with a deep understanding of marketing and UX. His ability to solve complex usability problems and articulate his solution in a clear manner added a lot of value to the CRO team. I would recommend Jon to anyone who’s facing any kind of UX challenges.”


Nguyen Quang Khai

Deputy Director of Technology

“It has been an honor and great pleasure to work with Jon, who brought in the structured process and best practices in UX research and design. Jon is definitely an expert in his field with his deep knowledge, experience and passion for user experience perfection. Jon is also a very good mentor through his continuous guidance and coaching to his team. Overall, a very well recommended UX Maestro.”

Bui Quy Duc

Team Leader

“I had the pleasure to work with Jon in a brand-new project which we hadn’t ever done before. We had to build everything from the ground and do a lot of works relating to user experience. Jon was very talented and experienced in this field. He helped us a lot and always came up with bright solutions for the problems. Thanks to Jon, we finished the project successfully and received good comments from end users. I myself also learn a lot from the time working with him.”

Abraham Davidson

Technology Director
Buzz Products

“Jon is an absolute ROCK STAR UX pro, who also brings strong communication skills, understanding of client needs and amazing attention to detail to the table. No job would be too big or too small, just unleash Jon on it and it will be done. Highly recommend his services and look forward to working with him again soon.

Justin Rampono

The Currency Shop

“On 2 different occasions, Jon ran UX projects for The Currency Shop. On both pieces of work, he was diligent, effective and was excellent at communicating every step of the way. I’d have no hesitation recommending Jon.”


Selim Ahmed

Managing Director
Bourne Digital

“Jon worked for Bourne Digital as our Director, UX Design. He demonstrated a real passion for human centred design, and the ability to train and mentor his team. Jon developed a great relationship with senior project stakeholders, and provided leadership on our major client engagements.”

Linda Burke

UX Delivery Manager
ANZ Bank

“Jon is an incredibly insightful UX professional with a balanced and mature perspective. Jon ran a discovery initiative for me at ANZ and really found that sweet spot between business, technology and users. I thoroughly appreciated Jon’s design techniques, attention to detail, deliverable quality, appreciation of delivery timelines and senior stakeholder management. Jon is a great communicator and provided immense and long lasting value to this project. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Jon in the future.”

Via David

UX Designer
Bourne Digital

“Jon is a knowledgeable and friendly UX professional, leader and mentor. His experience shines through when he patiently walks me through different design techniques and skills… and is always available to when I’m struggling, need a second opinion, or someone to talk UX with! His attention to detail is out of this world. A session with him always makes me feel at ease, he gave me direction and inspired me. I wish we worked together more.”

Sharif Labban

UX Designer
Bourne Digital

“Whilst I only worked briefly with Jon at Bourne Digital, his mentorship gave our team a strong analytical structure which bolstered our output given the project’s tight timeframe.”

Danielle Natividad

UX Designer
Bourne Digital

“I was fortunate enough to work with Jon during his time at Bourne Digital. He had encouraged the UX team to be a more focused and pragmatic group, offering rich guidance from his experience as an established UX Consultant. Not only did I get the opportunity to seek advice and share ideas with him, but was able to work alongside Jon for a few weeks on a large–scale enterprise product. The project proved to be incredibly challenging, however, we saw through the success of the project due to Jon’s excellent leadership both with the client and to myself. I would recommend Jon to anyone who is willing to expand their knowledge in UX Design, or is open to to having a confident and directed leader to facilitate a streamlined experience within their team or project.”

Paul Farla

VP Interaction Design
Lazada Group

“I brought Jon in to Lazada to lead the Product Design team in Ho Chi Minh City. Jon knows the design process intimately and can often be found championing the needs of the user, vying for more User Research. Coupled with a nurturing spirit, he brought in new ways of working to the team that vastly improved their efficacy and output.”

MIchelle Yip

SVP Customer Experience
Lazada Group

“Jon and I worked on several projects together which laid the foundation blocks for many key growth pillars. Other than delivering the projects, he also initiated process changes to improve communication between the business and technology teams. A good listener and problem solver, Jon manages stakeholders elegantly and has a way of resolving conflicts in a collaborative and non-confrontational manner. It was a delight teaming up with Jon and I recommend him highly.”

Karen Redona

UX Designer
Lazada Group

“I worked with Jon together at Lazada Group, where he was the Lead UX Architect and my direct line manager from February – November 2017.

I absolutely enjoyed working with Jon, and came to know him as someone who is experienced, competent and knowledgeable in the industry. He knows the importance of creating a design experience that both works for the business and users. He is transparent, hardworking and truly dependable. Most importantly, he address intricate issues with strategy and composure.

He shared his knowledge to the UX Design team by making initiatives on broadening our knowledge with the industry’s best practices and practical ways of doing UX. He put effort getting us inspired outside of the digital world and making us see things from the other side of the box.

Apart from his years of experience and talent, it has always been a bliss to work with Jon. A true team player, leader and always manages to come up with fast solutions to bring to the table. Jon challenges ideas to bring the best out of every designers he works with.

I confidently recommend Jon to join your team or be a consultant at your company. As a humble and knowledgeable employee and a great person, I know that he will be a valuable addition to your organization.”

Danchi Ho

UX / UI Designer
Lazada Group

“I think not many designers have an opportunity to work with a line manager who is a leader, a coach and also a mentor like Jon. I am a lucky one to have an opportunity to work with Jon at Lazada in 2017.

Besides managing my projects, Jon knew exactly my problems, and often gave me great advice so that I could come up with the my best design solutions, and step out of my comfort zone. Jon opened my mind to the notion of “creating a good experience for people” in such an effective way that I could apply in each step of my career. He helped me to understand thoroughly that I could build a good design starting from understanding user’s needs. I wouldn’t have pushed my limit further away without his support and motivation. I was a very shy designer. Jon made me confident in communicating with users, team members and stakeholders. He helped me to realize for the first time that I have ability to communicate effectively to people at all levels of knowledge. I went from being shy to a more confident designer. That is – indeed a strong boost for my career, and takes me to the next professional level.

Although we just have a short time working together in one team, the experience I gained is remarkable, and extremely precious to me. As a former colleague and a team member, I am really proud to be in his team. I believe any designer would find herself/himself really lucky to work with Jon.


Clarissa Leung

CEO and Co-Founder

“We at Seekmi worked with Jon on a UI/UX consultation project last year. Jon was very proactive and responsive and used his expertise to guide our internal IT team to improve our website design. Based on his recommendations we have seen significant improvements for our website visitors.”

Norman Sasono

Chief Information Officer
Bizzy Commerce Indonesia

“Jon D is the best UX Professional I have ever encountered in my whole career. Very knowledgable, skillful and experienced in all cycle of the UX process. Always very up to date on UX development in the industry, and can bring in those into the projects he work on. Very critical on his works, and has a high degree of attention to details. Simply high quality UX work he always deliver.

Beyond being an individual UX practitioner, Jon D also own the leadership and management quality to manage team. He managed a team of Product Managers, UX Designer and Graphic Designer in our team well.

Jon D is also willing to take the extra mile doing stuff that is actually not in his original scope. He lead a business development activity with one of our investor too, that helps bring in more business to our company. So, he is a good team player.”

Mohamad Ariau Akbar

Product Designer
Bizzy Commerce Indonesia

“Jon played a big part of my career decision to move to Ardent Labs / Bizzy. During the time we worked together, He was very knowledgable and showed great level of expertise in UX field to lead us designing new breakthrough digital products. He introduced and taught us to so many UX techniques that I’ve never heard before in order to solve hard business problems. He’s also a very good leader within the office and a pleasant friend outside. He changed my perspective on design and how to always think about user to the level I’ve never imagined before. I really grateful had a chance to work with such professional and expert like him.”

Wahyuni Febriani Humaedi

UX Designer
Bizzy Commerce Indonesia

“As a beginner in UX, learning from Jon was a great opportunity. He is very well experienced in this area and it is reflected on how he is able to deliver UX mindset and knowledges to his subordinates and apply it in managing product design process. I learned a lot from Jon, from user research methods to interaction design and usability testing. He was very kind and patient in mentoring his subordinates and also a good partner in catching up with deadlines and finishing queue of tasks. Jon is definitely a person everybody wants to work together with, in UX or digital industry in general.”

Meryna Lee

Creative Designer
Bizzy Commerce Indonesia

“I can say working with Jon is the most enjoyable moment in my working life. Jon is very detail-oriented and will patiently help you whenever you ask and he also ensure you understand what had he teach us. Jon is also expertise in UX, he taught me the work flow as how it should be done to be the successful designer. For me he is not a boss, he is a leader, a teacher and a friend.”

Tia Saputri

Marketing Communication & PR Manager Bizzy Commerce Indonesia

“During my entire career, I’ve seen only few people have the opportunity to work with a senior management level in the company who is also a coach and mentor—but I did when I worked with Jon. I learned so much from him and Jon’s ability to do multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before. He successfully made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of our company. He’s passionate about UI/UX and any employee would be very lucky to have Jon as their superior.”

Fierman Ardiaza

Bizzy Commerce Indonesia

“I’ve really having fun & great experiences during working with Jon. I was directly reporting all my tasks to him. He’s always given all of his efforts for the issues. He have a special feel for creating a good look for a website. If I have my own company, I’m really sure Jon would be on the top of my lists.”


Peter Goldsworthy

Managing Director
Ardent Labs Indonesia

“I have known Jon for around 20 years, having grown up in the same area in Melbourne. We lost touch when he moved to Canada to build his own start up focused agency in the early 2000’s. When he had started to make the decision to move back to the southern hemisphere we reconnected and I immediately wanted to get him in on my current business, that was Burufly.

It didn’t come together then, but we finally did get to pull Jon across to Indonesia in late 2014, when he joined Ardent Labs as our VP Product. This was a perfect fit as Jon brought his deep UX experience, which helped us launch two substantial businesses a) snapcart and b) Jon aligned with our Lean approach to building businesses, focusing our teams efforts on getting data, testing the market, then launching once we had all the ducks in a row. The growth trajectory of snapcart and is a testament to this approach working. Aside from this Labs helped entrepreneurs within the company to come up with their own business ideas. This is where Jon’s passion really was, always having time for these wannabe founders to pick his brain.

Jon transitioned in to full time, when I jumped in full time myself. He helped me personally in shifting the company from a start up to a scale up business. Beyond UX, Jon has a strong appetite and knowledge base for marketing, branding and an overall business sense.”

Reko Yunasril

UI Designer
Ardent Labs Indonesia

“Jon’s a man who really understands digital products, especially web and mobile. He upholds efficiency and timeliness in his work, and I’d recommend him to all businesses related to the internet industry.”


Anand Vasan

Managing Director

“In the almost 3 years I worked with Jon, I found him to be diligent, thoughtful and above all exceptionally professional in the application of his skills. All the clients that Jon worked with were similarly impressed. He made valuable contribution to Technocrat’s growth in building our User Experience practice and team. I have no hesitation recommending him to any organisation that needs managerial experience combined with exceptional User Experience talent.”

Chris Rathborne

Head of Digital

“I first met Jon working for Technocrat, he struck me as a very thoughtful, informed and programmatic kind of person that took every interaction with people around him as an opportunity to create a positive impression. He really makes people feel very comfortable and anything we asked of him was always met with enthusiasm and his response carefully considered.

Jon is very strategic in his approach yet very practical which is a difficult skill to master these days. I believed it came from his extensive experience at senior levels where he clearly was comfortable getting into the trenches and getting involved with solutions.

As an internal provider of services, Jon was one of the few individuals we would gladly introduce to other parts of the business and knew he represented Technocrat very well. His knowledge of design, user behaviours and experience was extensive and pushed us to learn more about this emerging space. What was even better was that Jon’s knowledge was clearly built from a lot of experience as much as any academic knowledge he was able to gather. He is truly multi-talented having no problem working with business people or developers and was able to converse with both well. That is a special skill in its own.

I’ve no problem recommending him in any activities for the design and digital space.”

Peter Jenkins

Manager eChannel Strategy

“Jon was held in high regard at RACV, and for good reason. His expert subject matter knowledge, and ability to build strong rapports across all levels of a business earned him the respect and faith of many people. I had the pleasure of working with Jon on a number of User eXperience (UX) related projects at RACV, and I continue to tap Jon’s knowledge on all things UX at every opportunity I get. His knowledge and passion for UX shows though in the work he does, and the discussions which surround him. I look forward to working with Jon in the future, and highly recommend Jon for all things UX. He is someone you want on your team.”

David Jones

Senior Manager eBusiness

“I first met Jon when he headed up User Experience at Technocrat. Technocrat was appointed to build IAG’s CMS platform in Drupal and also designed the retail website and the secure applications such as quoting and purchase of Insurance products. Jon played a key part in the HCD design of the website applications. Always a pleasure to work with Jon is knowledgeable, professional and nothing was too much trouble. While the IAG websites have moved on Jon played an important part in shaping our thinking around how the customers interact with our websites and this continues today.”

Carolyn Managh

Brand & Strategy Consultant
M&C Saatchi

“Jon Deragon is one of the smartest UX specialist that I’ve come across, in a career which has included working with many super geeks at ebay UK and USA. He also happens to be a genuinely good man with a natural warmth, honesty and calmness that can turn work storms into warm sea breezes.

Over recent years, I’ve worked closely with Jon on a number of large scale projects, most notably the development-to-launch of new video-based marketplace (2013/14). This was a complex project with numerous decision-making stakeholders and clients across multiple companies; Jon was the rock that held everyone (including me) together, particularly in the early stages. His aptitude for sourcing exactly the right people is excellent. His ability to ensure that the UX process and outputs are integrated and understood across the team is equally as impressive, in a world where few people truly understand the mechanics of good UX. I can honestly say that I learnt more from Jon about UX and its processes than I have from anyone else in the last decade. He is, and always will be, my go-to-guy for UX, no matter where in the world he is working.”

Lisa Kerrigan

Senior Information Architect

“I worked with Jon and his excellent team on an innovative greenfield project. It was fast and furious, it was agile, it was exciting and Jon held everything together at the center. Anyone looking to work for a company that provides professional fulfilment and great opportunities should consider working with Jon.”

Samantha Murphy

Senior Information Architect

“I was hired by Jon for a six week contract through Technocrat as a Content Strategist. Throughout my time working with Jon, he was nothing but a consummate professional in every respect. Any queries I had were responded to quickly and thoroughly enabling me to do my job to the best of my ability. Jon also assembled an incredibly talented UX team that delivered in every respect and were a true pleasure to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jon in any capacity.”

Cemil Er

Product Manager

“Clever with UX and an eye for talent is how I would describe Jon. I had the pleasure of knowing Jon for 4+ months where he proficiently filled the role of Director of UX on the project. Above all, I was impressed with Jon’s ability to be a safe and secure resource of knowledge with all things UX. And, of course, we all loved his systematic way of speech. Without any doubt, Jon would be a true asset for any company requiring strategic UX, overall project leadership and his ability to hire capable professionals.”