Xe Máy Champions

These incredible drivers, day after day in relentless heat, navigate the bustling streets of Vietnam’s cities and towns transporting every conceivable thing.

Often taking on a sheer mass of goods defying what would be thought possible, relying on little more than intricately tied straps. After all is loaded, the driver takes position on the precious seat space that remains.

Sporting 110cc engines, tires faintly wider than that of a standard mountain bicycle and years of hard driving behind it, these motorbikes are the true work horses of the country.

This wall of photography is to celebrate the motorbike driver’s incredible tireless efforts.

They are… the Xe Máy Champions.

A voluminous styrofoam ball hurdles through the Saigon night streets.


Driver transporting full sized fridge with second bar fridge atop waits out the rain undercover.

Four split air conditioner systems bound lightly by green straps.


Metal polls teeter as they
pierce the afternoon
Hanoi traffic.

Left: Crate of eggs lay on the street unscathed after their perilous journey.

Right: Snacks of all types bloom from the motorbike.

A massive block of luggage destined to travel the world makes its way into an intersection.

Bags brimming with plastic objects of all types seemingly floats along Hanoi streets.

From Left to Right: Long shadow cast from the afternoon sun. Mats carefully piled high for delivery. Fruit boxes making their way through traffic. A tail is formed from large bundle of house hold mops. 

Greenery balances its way gently through traffic. 

Symmetry is crucial.

Everyday I encounter incredible examples of Xe Máy Champions.

However these are often fleeting moments difficult to capture on camera.

A log of some notable sightings…

11 LCD 32″ televisions

14 midsize car tires

17 large plaster mixing buckets and lids

31 cases of 24 x 350ml drinking water bottles

A full queen sized mattress protrudes from the tiny motorbike
as it bounces along the evening streets.

Travel well.