I truly enjoyed presenting at UXID’s “UX Process in Different Industries” themed event on December 19th 2015, where I shared my experiences implementing and managing UX process as VP Product at Bizzy.co.id. Fellow presenters Jeff Hall, UNICEF Indonesian Innovation Lab Leader and Cipta Pratama, Smart Digital Banking BTPN UI/UX Lead also shared informative UX insights on their respective industries.

UX Process in Different Industries QA

My presentation focused on how Bizzy.co.id uses deep understanding of customers combined with UX process, to finely tune it’s designs and features to best align with how B2Bs procure for office needs. B2B and B2C have vast differences, we must be mindful of these differences in each and every design decision we make. After presentations, everyone broke out into groups and discussed a variety of UX related topics. The group I had the pleasure of facilitating was on Usability Testing. While there were a variety of challenges the group faced, gaining company acceptance of Usability Testing was front and centre. Without that, the other concerns were secondary.

UX Process in Different Industries Workshop

We discussed a ‘taking it by the horns’ approach to winning acceptance of Usability Testing.

By sitting down with decision makers and offering to take ownership of the Usability Testing process; presenting case studies of how other businesses have benefited; walking through the process so they actually understand and appreciate what they’re approving; highlighting the minimal cost and time versus benefits equation; and being clear about what the outcome is and how it optimises the product, it would be difficult for them to decline.

Decision makers that accept, will greatly benefit from a refined product and the UX practitioner will further strengthen their position in the business. And in the worst case scenario, it’s not approved but you’ve shown a willingness to take ownership, have demonstrated understanding of what you’re pitching and have shown initiative to improve the business.

UX Process in Different Industries Portrait

Thank you kindly to Matthew Green, Bayu Bagja Ferdian and Winda Winanti for inviting me to speak, and for their efforts in putting on a very worth while event. It was great to see such enthusiastic UX’ers all gathered together under one roof. I only hope the event continues to grow in direct relation to the growth of our presence in Indonesia. Lastly I’d very much like to thank Muh Alawi Syukriya Sunarya for the beautiful portrait artwork gift. Cheers!