Many founders and people involved in startups have asked questions about what UX is, its benefits and how it can be applied to their startup given the many challenges startups face, such as limited budget, time, know-how and resources. This lead me to create a presentation that specifically speaks to the essentials startups need to know to get familiar with User Experience and take those first steps in embracing design thinking and UX process right from the early days of their business. While the focus is on startups and early stage businesses, knowledge provided is applicable to virtually any business or sector.

#SharingAtConclave at Conclave Co-Working Space

UX Essentials for Startups at Conclave Promotion

May 23 2016 – On the first stop of the tour, it was a pleasure presenting at the fantastic Conclave Co-Working Space venue in South Jakarta on May 23rd. The perfectly suited audience of mostly those involved in tech startups was loaded with great UX questions, it was overall an excellent session. Met lots of great entrepreneurs and caught up with some familiar faces, Jakarta really has a vibrant startup scene. Thanks to Conclave for hosting and to Eric Maulana Ananggadipa for helping to arrange and promote the event.

Startup Istanbul 2016 Webinar Series

UX Essentials for Startups at Startup Istanbul Promotion

May 24 2016 – What an absolute privilege it was to be a speaker in the Startup Istanbul 2016 conference webinar series on May 24th. Almost 120 participants from all around the world joined me as we went on a journey through UX. It was great having a platform with such international reach to share about UX. Many thanks to Burak Buyukdemir for having me and Daniel Kratkovski for his help in getting everything in order.

UX Essentials Talk at Universitas Indonesia

UX Essentials for Business at Universitas Indonesia

June 20 2016 – It was an honour speaking to the students of Universitas Indonesia, what an amazing experience. I walked students through what UX is, examples of how UX applies to product design and many ways they can get immersed into design thinking and learn more about User Experience. Questions during Q&A showed a keen desire to understand the finer details of UX; some students even asking how best to apply and measure UX in their own tech startup initiatives.

UX Essentials for Business Universitas Indonesia Presenting

Many thanks goes to Hokiman Hurniawan for his tremendous efforts in spearheading and making the event happen, and Pak Alhadi Bustamam, Head of Mathematics for his kind introduction, participation and thoughtful certificate of appreciation. And an appreciative thank you to everyone who helped, Ainicasi Simanjuntak, Robet Luhut, Fanny Fitri, Amanda Zhafira and Yusuf Abdurrohim. Cheers to all of you.

LiveLife Talks Presents UX Essentials for Business

UX Essentials for Business at LiveLife

June 22 2016 – On the final stop of the UX Essentials tour, it was a wonderful evening being the speaker of the LiveLife Talks event in West Jakarta on June 22nd. The event space at Hong Kong Cafe, Central Park Mall was at capacity with an audience keen to know more about UX fundamentals and how they can be applied to their businesses. I’m always impressed with the caliber of questions I get asked at these presentations.

UX Essentials for Startups at LiveLife Talks Presenting

Some attendees were eager to dive into a career in UX and were brimming with questions about how best to get started. Was really great to see the next generation of UX practitioners showing such enthusiasm. A very special thanks to LiveLife for inviting me to speak; Michael Gunawan for his time and energy in arranging and hosting the event; and to Hong Kong Cafe for use of the venue and their continued support of the UX community.

Presentation Materials

Download Slide Deck (PDF): UX Essentials for Business Presentation


  • What User Experience is and it’s benefits
  • Real world examples of UX impact on product design
  • UX elements and process
  • Resources to learn more about UX