It was a privilege speaking at this year’s UX Australia 2013 conference at Hilton on the Park, Melbourne. Donna Spencer and Steve Baty did their usual fantastic job of putting together an excellent event that everyone certainly enjoyed. Every year attendees of UX Australia are treated to an outstanding lineup of speakers covering all facets of User Experience, so it really was an honor to be part of it all.

Winning Proportions Presenting

My presentation was about how the ever growing breadth of devices, screen sizes, resolutions and input methods make intelligent navigation design more necessary than ever in order to hold a competitive edge. The critical importance of navigational clarity, proportion and location was illustrated through a combination of both real world and digital examples. Wrapping up with some suggestions and approaches on how to modernize and rethink navigation.

Presentation Materials


Download Slide Deck (PDF): Winning Proportions and Frictionless Navigation Presentation