It was an absolute privilege to conduct the Your First Date With UX workshop on July 30th 2014 as part of the Creative Entrepreneur Network speaker Series. The ADC Academy in Ho Chi Minh City was the perfect venue for the full house event. Over the span of a couple hours, attendees were brought through a journey of User Experience basics, followed by a question and answer session and networking.

Your First Date with UX Presenting

In the workshop we covered many of the what, why, who and how type questions about User Experience, such as what UX is, benefits of UX, the major components of UX process, who makes a good UX practitioner, and suggestions on how to learn more and become involved. Many of the attendees have requested the slide deck, a PDF version of the presentation is available in the link below. Over time I will publish examples of various UX artifacts such as site maps, sketches, wireframes, card sorts, persona profiles, interaction flows, usability test results and other valuable samples on this web site.

Your First Date with UX Group

Thank you to Zlinhthao Nguyen and Jason Hoang for their tremendous efforts in arranging and promoting the event – looking forward to seeing everyone next time I’m in beautiful Ho Chi Minh.

Presentation Materials

Download Slide Deck (PDF): Your First Date with UX Presentation